10 PURIFICATION STAGES We have equipped it with 10 different tools to fight pathogenic pollutants. It’s capable of purifying, humidifying and upkeeping the highest air standard. Buy now Learn more STERILIZATION Disinfection by illuminating with UV-C light is an effective way to stop the reproduction of harmful microorganisms at home.
Modern UV-C LED lamps, despite their small size, provide a solid, very stable light source. They ensure safe and environmentally friendly photochemical process.
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VACO The world changes and expectations grow. VACO has looked for new, improved solutions and met customer expectations in a revolutionary way Find out more BLAUPUNKT Blaupunkt was created in 1924. It has met the expectations of the most demanding consumers for years. Find out more ANZE A global high-tech company preparing and manufacturing heating systems using pure energy of the highest quality. Find out more LIME LYNX The brand is created by the enthusiasts of detailing. Our mission is to restore and maintain shine of our favourite things or objects. Find out more KLIMAZONA Klimazona is an online store with a broad range of branded products to meet your individual expectations. Find out more MATEKO GAP With years of experience in our industry and continuous product improvement, we built the GAP Green Air Purifier! We have created the first device on the market that is so versatile. Find out more


The best business relationships we established with our Customers and the high-quality devices are the fruit of our long, heavy and satisfactory work. Our products are broadly available to the users thanks to the continuous cooperation with proven European distributors.

We know the importance of air quality today. To ensure comfort and safety of our products’ users, we created and marketed a broad range of products generating supreme-quality air. Our success in that area drives us to come up with more and more innovative ideas and technological solutions.

Our success in Mateko is attributed to our teamwork, as we analyse, listen to opinions, exchange observations, and then start to act!


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B2B platform

We created a B2B platform for our customers to facilitate order processing. Log in, save time and learn your special offer.
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Help during remote learning

To help during remote learning, we donated laptop computers to two primary schools. We wanted them to help the children who needed them most.
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Warsaw Motor Show Fair

25–27 October 2020. Presentation of our brand Lime-Lynx and a new product group. Professional and specialist pressure washers created by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.
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